Sakura Officially Our Best Selling Rice Cooker Ever!

Sakura professional reviews

Since it’s launch at the end of 2016, our Sakura rice cooker has sold so incredibly well that it now sells more than all of our Zojirushi rice cookers combined in any given week. Hard to believe? Well it’s true and for so many good reasons. If you want to find out more then click the Sakura tab above or go straight to purchase one now here

Ideal Home magazine rated it the highest of all of it’s rice cookers tested giving it top marks with 5 out of 5. Famous Indian chef and slow cooker expert Hari Ghotra considers it a useful addition for any kitchen, Gadgetman gave it 5/5 and we have had so many more great reviews.

We will continue to grow our Sakura sales and help it on it’s way to the moon and beyond. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and for acknowledging our rice cooking expertise at Yum Asia.

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