Kent Cookery School Sakura

We are happy to hear that the very popular Kent Cookery School has recently adopted our best selling Sakura rice cooker for their cookery classes. The school has a very good reputation achieving a highly sought after certificate of excellence by Trip advisor and has top chefs such as Hari Ghotra and Belle Case as teachers there.

Bamboo side with display on
We are extremely excited to introduce to you our next product and a first for the UK and Europe.
Bamboo Induction Heating (IH) Multi-function Rice Cooker. The first IH rice cooker made for the UK and Europe and with our own Umai (clever brain) induction fuzzy logic for perfect rice cooking. Expected to be available for purchase at the end of June with a special introductory price of only £199.
Cooking functions include GABA, Yumami (extra taste), short grain, white rice, brown rice, porridge, slow cook, crust, steam and cake functions.
With a thick ‘Joubu’ ceramic coated inner bowl… this cooker is ready to join Sakura on it’s trip to the moon.
Exclusively from Yum Asia. Go to our purchase page here or our informational page here


Take a look at our fun Bamboo promotional video teaser – the future of rice cooking!

Kenzai and Starbucks size comparison

We are excited to announce the sale of a new product from Yum Asia. This time it’s an environmentally friendly cup made from 100% organic Bamboo fibre. With a unique bamboo screw top lid this overcomes other similar cups issues which generally use snap on silicon that can cause taste issues for some users.

It comes in 16oz capacity which is just perfect for handling any size of fills from your favourite cafe or coffee shop.

Not only that but you can save money by taking it to your coffee shop as part of a global effort to re-use drinks containers and stop single use plastic.



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