Sakura Ceramic Bowl Rice Cooker

When shopping for a rice cooker there are certain things that our customers look for and surprisingly, the rice cooking functions aren’t the only important things on people’s minds.

Although Zojirushi has a great reputation for quality and durability, here at Yum Asia, we sometimes received e-mails from customers who expressed concern about the Sumiflon inner bowl and asking if there were any alternatives.

A lot of people, for various reasons, like to avoid Teflon – mostly due to PTFE (most Teflon/similar materials have been PFOA free since 2015). While it is very arguably on average slightly more durable than a ceramic coating at the moment, a lot of people are concerned about its safety. When overheated, it is thought that in certain extreme circumstances the PTFE coatings can break down and release toxic gases. Although Zojirushi inner bowls use Sumiflon which is thought to be far more stable than Teflon we took their concerns on board.

When we were designing and developing our own brand Sakura rice cooker, we took customers concerns about inner bowl material to heart and made the decision to include a ceramic coated inner bowl that was multi-layered and extremely hard wearing.

What Exactly Does Ceramic Coated Mean?

Ceramic is a much newer material in the world of non-stick and it’s widely considered to be the safest and most environmentally friendly option. Ceramic coatings are free of PTFE, PFOA and BPA. As ceramic coating technology has developed over the last few years, the thicker the coating, the more hard-wearing the inner bowl is. So we made sure that our Sakura ceramic inner bowl has a 2mm thick coating with give (5) durable layers which ensured that it was extremely hard-wearing and would last a long time.

When many people think of ceramic, they think of pottery. However, as technology has advanced, manufacturers have been able to develop hard-wearing ceramic coatings which enable products like our Sakura rice cooker to have a ceramic inner bowl while still being very easy to clean, a safer cooking profile but still having non-stick properties.

The ceramic inner bowl of the Sakura is carefully layered which specific material which allow heat from the 3D heating process to be conducted through the inner bowl for an even distribution of heat and also allows the heat to be retained so it keeps your food hotter for longer. This is where the modern ceramic coatings have a huge advantage over the older, clay/pottery ceramic – traditional clay/pottery ceramic takes a long time to heat up and the heat distribution can be very uneven. The modern ceramic coated inner bowls have all the advantages of traditional clay/pottery ceramic but none of the disadvantages!

Sakura ceramic inner bowlCeramic inner bowl 3D heating

Benefits Of Cooking With A Sakura And It’s Ceramic Coated Inner Bowl

Sakura’s ceramic coated inner bowl helps it withstand wear and corrosion from acidic foods like tomatoes. As mentioned above, the ceramic coating allows for an even distribution of heat and also allows the heat to be retained so it keeps your food hotter for longer. Ceramic coatings also prevent staining from food and won’t absorb food flavours.

Sakura’s ceramic coated inner bowl is very easy to clean. It simply needs a wipe with a soft sponge, or if you have cooked a curry or other strong smelling food, you can just soak with a little bit of washing up liquid and then wash normally by hand. You are never left with burned on food messes.

Sakura is one of the few rice cookers on the UK and European market with a ceramic coated inner bowl, particularly at this affordable price point. Click here to buy or learn more about Yum Asia’s Sakura – Sakura product page

Our latest Sakura Multifunction Rice Cooker with ceramic bowl promotional video just launched and is hitting hard in the UK and Europe with it’s many unique features, price point and durable ceramic bowl being key factors in it’s success.

We are also very happy to announce that Sakura won it’s first accolade for ‘TOP BUY’ in the UK Men’s SORTED magazine latest Best gadget roundup which demonstrates Sakura’s appeal to the modern useful gear and gadget market in the UK.

Buy now from

Here is the top gear review page in ‘Sorted’ magazine where our award is featured. Thank you Sorted!

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Sakura Ceramic Bowl Rice Cooker

We are happy to announce Phase II of our Sakura expansion into the UK and Europe. The success of Sakura has beaten our expectations and is now officially our best selling rice cooker that Yum Asia has ever sold. Our sales rate is beyond our projections so we are therefore increasing our factory production schedule of this model for the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2017 to ensure un-interrupted supply availability throughout the year.

Even more great news is that we are extending our special launch offer price of just £109 into April so get it while you can!

Sales of our Sakura Rice Cooker are on the up and to make it that little bit sweeter we have created a combo deal with another one of our creations the ‘Tafu’ thermal mug.

Watch our combo deal promo video for more information:

The Sakura Rice Cooker and Tafu Thermal Mug are both available in a Combo deal as part of our promotional launch of these products. You can see our sales page here for further details at Available at a special price of only £119 for a limited time only.

Sakura and accessories

The response to the launch of Yum Asia’s first premium rice cooker has been much much better than expected. In particular, the ceramic cooking bowl, modern MoTouch LED control panel and add on cooking features that are actually useful to people seem to be the main reasons why Sakura is proving to be so popular.  Ceramic coatings are becoming increasingly attractive in kitchen appliances because some people consider this material to be safer for cooking than Teflon and other non-stick coatings. Sakura’s 5 layer cooking bowl is made with this in mind and is durable enough to handle even the most demanding cooking.

innerbowlCeramic bowl

Yum Asia will now push into 2017 and expand Sakura rice cookers into the UK and European markets. However, we will make sure that we retain our 100% track record of providing superior customer service and that special ‘personal touch’ to ‘all’ of our customers backed up with a robust comprehensive 12 month warranty service.

Our sales forecast has now been revised upward due to more demand than anticipated. We appreciate your support and hope that it continues into 2017 and beyond!

Sakura shipping

We are extremely happy to announce that Sakura Rice Cookers are now available to purchase from our website at

This meets our timeline and we are sure that Sakura will meet and exceed your expectations.

Thank you all!

Sakura ceramic rice cooker on a table with rice

After launching Sakura on 1st December, we would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming, positive response!

We are preparing for Sakura to go on sale and start shipping on 14th December – right in time for that unique Christmas gift for someone special!

Visit Sakura’s page to purchase

Sakura in the kitchen

Today we have launched the Sakura microsite and added Sakura Rice Cooker for pre-release on our store.  Sakura will be here in time for Christmas!

Sakura ceramic rice cooker and box

Final product prepared for product photography. This is Sakura and will be ready for sale at the end of 2016. These photos will feature on our main Yum Asia store website at and also on this microsite.


img_0390_fin_hi-reswpled Hands lifting the inner bowl sakuralidopen2 Sakura in the kitchen Sakura front on with display on Back of Sakura sakuratableamend

Quality Testing the Sakura rice cookers

At Yum Asia we take quality control to the next level. We don’t just want to meet expectations but rather we want to exceed them. By checking the manufacturing process every step of the way using our own dedicated inspection team ensures that each and every product shoudld reach our customers in tip top condition. We assess everything from non-stickiness (adhesion tests) of the ceramic cooking pan to how well the cookers cook at each food volume. Nothings goes unchecked.


wattagecheck internalcircuit functiontestfinished functiontest capacitytest adheringtest