Sakura in the kitchen

Today we have launched the Sakura microsite and added Sakura Rice Cooker for pre-release on our store.  Sakura will be here in time for Christmas!

Sakura ceramic rice cooker and box

Final product prepared for product photography. This is Sakura and will be ready for sale at the end of 2016. These photos will feature on our main Yum Asia store website at and also on this microsite.


img_0390_fin_hi-reswpled Hands lifting the inner bowl sakuralidopen2 Sakura in the kitchen Sakura front on with display on Back of Sakura sakuratableamend

Quality Testing the Sakura rice cookers

At Yum Asia we take quality control to the next level. We don’t just want to meet expectations but rather we want to exceed them. By checking the manufacturing process every step of the way using our own dedicated inspection team ensures that each and every product shoudld reach our customers in tip top condition. We assess everything from non-stickiness (adhesion tests) of the ceramic cooking pan to how well the cookers cook at each food volume. Nothings goes unchecked.


wattagecheck internalcircuit functiontestfinished functiontest capacitytest adheringtest

Yum Asia logo on a warehouse

The launch date of Sakura is now confirmed and will be November 25th, 2016. Sakura will then be made available to UK and European markets through our website We will meet our mid December deadline of 2016 for release to UK and European markets.

Early box design

We carefully chose our graphics design team to design Sakura’s packaging. First impressions are everything. If the box isn’t right then what does that say about the contents? We went through 26 revisions and over 15 designs before our final decision of the artwork of Sakura. We made sure that our colour schemes were appealing to all ages and gender and that the style of fonts, imagery and packaging shape was appealing to everyone.

Yum Asia logo on a building

The Sakura microsite is born. This place will be to keep customers informed of the latest developments of Sakura as we have them. To educate people on the features and functions of Sakura and to explain the background behind it’s creation. This microsite will work harmoniously with our parent website


We contacted over 30 manufacturing bases in Asia to source a factory who had the technical expertise to construct a rice cooker which had all the features we wanted. The factory was Sakura was designed and born also makes rice cookers for Cuckoo, Cuchen, Tiger and other leading rice cooker brands.